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  • Live Love Dream


    Earlier in 2013, Aeropostale launched it's new line, Live Love Dream, which is considered their more active, dorm, and yoga apparel. JUMO Music recently had the privilege to work with New York City's Lockbox Productions to find the perfect track for the new campaign.

The Music and Sounds of a Digital World

Search. License. Compose. Sound Design.

JUMO Music (“JUMO”) provides a range of audio services for artists, television networks, movie networks and advertising agency clients that are producing radio, television, and internet spots for regional, national, and worldwide markets. Its primary areas of service are original music composition, stock music search and licensing, and sound design.

Music Supervision

Music Supervision

We are listening to new music every day, reaching out to bands & composers, making strong relationships with stock music libraries, and always curating our music database to make searching for the perfect track effortless.

Music Licensing

Music Licensing

Licensing is available on a needledrop and annual fee basis. Music reports may be submitted by phone or email. We understand that every project has individual budgetary needs, so please contact us for a competitive quote.

Music Composition

Music Composition

We produce original music for all platforms of multimedia. Whether it is producing for an artist or composing for a TV spot, we can discuss the vision and musical direction of your project, and then JUMO takes care of the rest.

Sound Design & SFX

Sound Design & SFX

Woosh. Swoosh. Crash. Whatever the sound may be, we have an outstanding ability to bring a spot to life with sound design and foley. JUMO has an extensive sound effects library available for the quick fix as well.


Our ears are ringing...

Joe Barone

Owner/Writer/Director / Bar1

It's always good to know when I am under the the production gun I can call in J-Mo to find just the right piece of library music. He approaches every project with a positive attitude and brings many different looks to choose from. He also hates when I call him J-Mo. Can you blame him? Regardless, he's a good man to have on your production team.

Fernando Ascani

Senior Mix Engineer/Sound Designer / Sonic Union

After testing Justin's skills with small projects, my confidence in him quickly increased until he eventually became my first, then only "go to guy". Justin has the ability to get on your wavelength and complete your thoughts for you; whether it was choosing stock music, finding the right sound effect, adding an instrument to a stock music piece or even composing an original score, Justin is the man.